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NOV Quality Tubing manufactures coil tubing products to industry standards and customer specifications, delivering high quality, high performance tubing to the well-servicing industry.


Introduction to Coiled Tubing

What is CT?

Coiled Tubing (CT) has been defined as any continuously-milled tubular product manufactured in lengths that require spooling onto a take-up reel, during the primary milling or manufacturing process. The tube is nominally straightened prior to being inserted into the wellbore and is recoiled for spooling back onto the reel. Tubing diameter normally ranges from 0.75 in. to 4 in., and single reel tubing lengths in excess of 30,000 ft. have been commercially manufactured. Common coiled tubing steels have yield strengths ranging from 55,000 PSI to 120,000 PSI.